Basic Certification Training Videos


Enjoy a series of BIOFLEX Laser Therapy training webinars on the fundamentals of low-level laser therapy (AKA cold laser therapy or photobiomodulation therapy). This training session is designed to instruct clinicians in the safe and effective use of all Professional BIOFLEX Laser Therapy devices. Topics include historical perspectives, mechanisms of action, physics, laser/light parameters, safety, evidence-based research, clinical applications, BIOFLEX Clinic case studies, BIOFLEX software and practical use of laser equipment, customizing protocols, billing and insurance implications. Upon successful completion of a certification test, the trainee will receive a BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Certificate. This event may be CE approved depending on your profession and geographical location.

This package includes 12 videos

1. BIOFLEX Solution   2. Historical Perspectives   3. Mechanisms of Action   4. Parameters of BIOFLEX   5. Road to Mainstream Medicine   6. The BIOFLEX Advantage   7. Low Level Laser Therapy   8. Introduction to Customization   9. Clinical Applications   10. Optimal Placements   11. Practitioner Plus Software   12. Customizing Non-Standard Protocols