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Patient Testimonials

I'm a retired chiropractor and have used many physiotherapy modalities spanning 30 years-including ultrasound, galvanic muscle stim, microcurrent, H-wave and interferential.

I find the Bioflex LED device the easiest to use and extremely effective for pain, inflammation, healing, and restoration of function. I simply place it over my wrist, back, knee, etc., press the pre-programmed treatment course on the controller, and the Bioflex does the rest

I've recommended it to friends and former colleagues without hesitation-and I would unquestionably make the purchase again.

Alan Jacobson

I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for over 20 years and live in Australia. I am chronically exhausted, have multiple food allergies, sore throats, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Over the years, I have tried many treatments including herbal supplements and acupuncture. I went to a CFS clinic in Pennsylvania USA but I was not receiving help. I felt that I was "slowly dying."

I read "The Brain's Way of Healing" which mentioned Laser Therapy. This device has a potent anti-inflammatory effect and many restorative functions. My husband and I flew to Toronto for 3+ weeks. We had a variety of treatments targeting the problem areas including the head, neck and here to read more

Alice W

To the Team Members that create the treatment staff:

One person can make all the difference - that one is you.

Just a note to say thanks, your prompt attent to my treatment is greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Marek

I am absolutely delighted with my "new" thumb! On Saturday, September 3rd, I was quite amazed, no locking, no pain!

On my initial appointment with you there was no pressure for me to begin laser - you were so convincing that I had to seize the opportunity! I have cancelled the surgery for September 28th.

Thank you very much for your amazing laser treatments. Your staff are especially kind, well-trained and reception were very accommodating to my unpredictable transportation.

I wish you more great successes to come.

D Ford

First off, I have to say thank you so much for all your help! I know it is your job, however, I feel you routinely go beyond your job description to help people, and I find you a "genuinely" very nice person, and you have been a great help to me : )

The staff at Meditech are phenomenal, and although these lasers are the best at what they do, they are still just pieces of equipment. It is the company, its mission statement, and its people, that make the magic happen. You guys do this very well through your highly intelligent, individual personalities, and your collective goals as a business.

Cracking the "code" is a term I have heard mentioned here to read more

Derek Hayden D.Ac, R.Ac, n.d

Dear Dr. Kahn;

I would like to tell you how appreciative I am regarding your treatments of my knee.

Approximately 4 years ago I was told by doctors that I needed a knee replacement, and they could not understand how I was able to walk with my knee in such bad condition.

After a series of visits to your Laser Therapy treatment centre, I could walk easily without pain. The knee is still in good condition, thanks to your attention. At 84 years old this is a blessing!

Edna G Ingram

Dear Dr. Kahn,

I am pleased to report the excellent result I have obtained from laser treatment for my torn medial meniscus.

I had suffered pain, stiffness and disability in the left knee for 8 months prior to trying the laser treatments. Within four weeks, I was pain-free and back to normal activity levels. I have been able to do strenuous hikes of up to 31 kilometres on the Bruce Trail and am able to wheelbarrow heavy loads of soil in the garden. Before the treatment, I was limited to walking for less than five minutes before the pain became disabling.

Thank you for the speedy recovery!

Frances N. Turner

Hello Dr. Kahn,

I would like to tell you what happened when I used the BioFlex System.

I was moving a water heater with a two wheel cart. About 400 lbs, I was moving backwards with the top of the heater leaning on my shoulder to balance it. I have moved several of these before and moved a lot of appliances so this was nothing new and I am able to do so.

When I was moving backwards the wheels got caught on a ridge in the floor, the sudden stop made the water in the tanks slosh forward and then back against me thus causing me to fall backwards flat on my back and the water heater on top of my legs. My right foot got pinned flat on here to read more

Gary Agombar

I had convinced myself that I simply had a little tendonitis in my right shoulder and refused to admit to any other problems, but on my first visit to Dr. Kahn, he saw through it and surprised me with an order for an x-ray of my neck. I did have tendonitis, coupled with arthritis and bursitis on my shoulder, but the real issue was the degenerative disc disease with spinal stenosis of my entire cervical spine. To make matters worse, an MRI of my lumbar spine showed significant degeneration as well. My spine was disintegrating. Yikes! No wonder I was in so much pain and having odd experiences like tingling in the hands along with the pain.

I spent countless here to read more

Karen Burns

Hi Dr. Kahn,

You've heard from me before regarding my great success with BioFlex. Well, I convinced my friends in Vancouver to purchase your new Home Unit and this is the news they gave me on Canada Day... "Udo is in seventh heaven! He can lift his head up again and is able to have almost normal movements. It's only been a week since he started treatment. My hands are also hurting less. Unbelievable! Thanks to you for the best investment we ever made."

Dr. Kahn, you are an amazing person and you have helped SO MANY people! I am certainly glad to be among them.

Mary Jane Murphy

I was introduced to Laser Therapy by my son David who had previously been treated at your clinic for a number of complaints, all of which were resolved.

For many years, I had increasing pain in my knees and before starting treatment with Meditech, could barely walk.

I had been scheduled for a left knee replacement in the next 4 months. I had a right knee replacement several years ago and it has been painful and quite unsatisfactory. I was told nothing further could be done and I would have to learn to live with it.

After meeting with Dr. Kahn and having explained to me the potential benefits of laser therapy as opposed to surgery, here to read more

Muriel Cirillo

I feel so much gratitude for all of you and the Laser Therapy that you provide.

Professionalism, accompanied by knowledge, kindness and care helped to facilitate my rapid recovery with regard to the symptoms of concussion.

I will spread the word for the revolutionary, effective and non-invasive treatment.

All the best and thank you,

Nancy Darlington-Smith

In late January I fell flat on my back on the ice while walking our dog. I knew that the fall did damage and after a few days, the full effects of the fall were felt. The pain was horrendous down both legs and severely affected my mobility. After a visit to my family doctor and a couple of physiotherapy sessions, I knew that I needed to look elsewhere to regain my mobility and lessen the pain. My sister had friends had gone to Meditech and had good results. After the first meeting with Dr. Kahn and his team, I was very confident that I had made the right decision. I remember saying to Dr. Kahn after that first meeting that I had faith in him and his team and here to read more

P. Stewart

Just a note of thanks for your advice and service since I commenced treatment at Meditech.

Laser Therapy has and will continue to produce positive results for me that precludes the need to undergo lumbar microdiscectomy surgery.

I'd also like to commend your therapist Susan Mathews, who has attended to me on a regular basis, always in a professional manner and with knowledge, efficiency and empathy.

Please pass along this recognition as I feel that Susan well represents your company.

Peter Ross

I am writing to thank you for taking the time to speak with me and advise with regard to our mutual patient Sam Sabko.

I understand he will be seeking you soon for a reassessment and I am very excited to learn the results. I can't tell you how much it means to me knowing that you are participating in his care! Northwestern Ontario has many limitations in terms of healthcare so knowing I can call makes me very grateful.

All the best and see you in November!

Quincy Munday