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BIOFLEX is dedicated to the education of all clinicians using past and current peer-reviewed science and clinical research as well as evidence-based guidelines. Our Educational platforms are the Gold Standard in Laser Therapy and are instructed by experienced Laser Therapy clinicians who have trained thousands of healthcare professionals and presented at NAALT, WALT and many international conferences. Learning from peers and experienced clinicians sets the bar at a high level to achieve clinical efficacy.

Free Webinars

Enjoy our COMPLIMENTARY monthly live online lunchtime webinars. These webinars are typically 30 minutes in duration and offer an overview of using BIOFLEX professional and BIOFLEX personal therapy systems for the symptoms of various medical conditions. Webinars provide a brief overview of anatomy, etiology, clinical research and BIOFLEX laser therapy approaches to enhance overall efficacy of commonly treated medical conditions. Webinars may be CE approved depending on your profession and geographical location.

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Post-Workout Muscle

Personal Webinar

Thursday July 25, 2024

Enjoy a LIVE online or in-person seminar on the fundamentals of low-level laser therapy (AKA cold laser therapy or photobiomodulation therapy). Learn how this proven technology can improve your clinical results as well as bottom line. Laser therapy is rapidly being accepted and utilized by a growing number of healthcare practitioners as a result of positive clinical trial research and inclusion in evidence based guidelines.

Light Up Your Practice

After participating in this seminar, the healthcare practitioner will understand how this light-based therapy is used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions that accelerates healing, decreases inflammation and pain and improves patient function. BIOFLEX’s medical director, Dr. David Kunashko will also discuss the most effective parameters such as power, energy dosage, wavelengths and pulses as well safety considerations, evidence based research and competitor overview. Implementing BIOFLEX laser therapy not only improves patient outcomes it also adds a new revenue stream and increased patient flow. This webinar also reviews the business side of laser therapy including billing procedures, insurance coverage, scope of practice, clinic integration and set up and marketing to patients and referral sources.  

Live Events

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September 2024 9:00am – 4:00pm Calgary, AB Register

BIOFLEX Certification Training Videos


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Enjoy a series of BIOFLEX Laser Therapy training webinars on the fundamentals of low-level laser therapy (AKA cold laser therapy or photobiomodulation therapy). This training session is designed to instruct clinicians in the safe and effective use of all Professional BIOFLEX Laser Therapy devices.

Topics include historical perspectives, mechanisms of action, physics, laser/light parameters, safety, evidence-based research, clinical applications, BIOFLEX Clinic case studies, BIOFLEX software and practical use of laser equipment, customizing protocols, billing and insurance implications. Upon successful completion of a certification test, the trainee will receive a BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Certificate. This event may be CE approved depending on your profession and geographical location.

This package includes 12 videos:
  1. BIOFLEX Solution
  2. Historical Perspectives
  3. Mechanisms of Action
  4. Parameters of BIOFLEX
  5. Road to Mainstream Medicine
  6. The BIOFLEX Advantage
  1. Low Level Laser Therapy
  2. Introduction to Customization
  3. Clinical Applications
  4. Optimal Placements
  5. Practitioner Plus Software
  6. Customizing Non-Standard Protocols
Advanced Certification Training (ACT) builds on the foundation of the Basic BIOFLEX Certification Training. ACT courses are live online interactive seminars that provide expert clinical insight into using BIOFLEX professional laser therapy systems for the treatment of specific medical conditions. Each ACT consists of four (4) 50-minute lectures followed by a certification test. Lectures will include sections on anatomy, pathophysiology, laser research, case studies and BIOFLEX protocol customizations. Upon successful completion of the test, each registrant will receive an ACT certificate and ACT status on the BIOFLEX website “Find A Clinic” patient feature. ACT status can be maintained by completion of at least one ACT per year allowing you to market your clinic as a preferred BIOFLEX ACT provider. There is an option to take each ACT after the initial live event by accessing a recorded version. The prerequisite for taking an ACT is completion of the Basic Training. ACT may be CE approved depending on your profession and geographical location.

Advanced Certification Training

ACT: Lumbosacral


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ACT: Cervical Spine Region


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ACT: Ageing & Cosmetic


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ACT: Nerve Healing


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Enjoy a ONE day live online seminar featuring experienced BIOFLEX Laser Therapy clinicians from across the globe. The mission of BIOFLEX Master Classes is to enhance peer to peer knowledge of using laser therapy to treat challenging medical conditions. Presentations are peer-based case studies using BIOFLEX laser therapy with the opportunity to learn from some the of most experienced BIOFLEX clinicians world-wide. Master Classes may be CE approved depending on your profession and geographical location.

Masterclass 2024


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Masterclass 2023


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Masterclass 2022


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Master Class 2021


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