BIOFLEX MiniPort Professional

The latest edition to the BIOFLEX family. This single port system offers a lightweight and portable laser therapy experience. Perfect for the clinician on the go.


  • Touch screen monitor
  • One flexible array of your choice
  • One laser probe of your choice
  • One set of safety glasses


  • Touch screen monitor with state of the art patient database allows monitoring and tracking patient progress
  • It features an intuitive touchscreen that continuously monitors treatments throughout the entire treatment
  • Manual stop button for increased safety
  • Surprisingly compact for a full feature system
  • Our brand new practitioner+ software

The BIOFLEX MiniPort System

The most advanced and compact professional laser therapy system.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

The BIOFLEX MiniPort might be small, but it’s incredibly powerful.

The MiniPort comes pre-loaded with our brand new Practitioner+ software.

BIOFLEX MultiPort Touch Screen

Touch Screen

The MiniPort includes an easy-to-use interactive monitor. The intuitive design permits faster set-up times, easy navigation through the software interface and a simple one-step cleanup solution in order to focus on patients and quality care.

Your Choice of One Array and One Probe

DUO+ 240

Number of Diodes: 240
Treatment Area:
100 cm2/ 15.5 in2
Total Optical Power:
Red: 1000mW / Infrared: 2000mW
LED Power:
Red: 10 mW/cm2 / Infrared: 20 mW/cm2
Red: 660nm / Infrared: 840nm

DuoFlex 180

Number of Diodes: 176
Treatment Area:
163 cm2/ 25.3 in2
Total Optical Power:
Red: 1630mW / Infrared: 3260mW
LED Power:
Red: 10 mW/cm2 / Infrared: 20 mW/cm2
Red: 660nm / Infrared: 840nm

Laser Probes

Infrared laser (825 nm): Provides deeper and more focused light treatments
Red laser (660 nm): Particularly effective in reducing the sensation of pain

Industry Leading Technology

Since our founding in 1989, Meditech has been fully engaged in ongoing research, design and the correct application of our devices. These are manufactured in Canada utilizing the best quality materials and components available, many sourced globally.

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