Slip…and Fall!

Clinical Research Trial On Laser Therapy & Wrist Fractures

This month’s professional webinar will discuss how laser (photobiomodulation) therapy can accelerate healing of wrist injuries due to falls on outstretched hands. These falls are much more common in the slippery icy winter months – especially for the elderly with a history of osteoporosis. Closed bone fractures (CBF) of the wrist are a common sequela of these falls and are relatively stable and often are stabilized with a removeable splint allowing for the use of PBMT. Studies have suggested that the wavelength of 830 nm can penetrate bone and facilitate healing and anti-inflammatory effects.  Fifty patients with CBF in the wrist and hand were part of a placebo-controlled trial by Wie-Dien Chang et al in which half were treated with 830 nm laser (60 mW 10 Hz 600 secs 9.7 J/cm2) five times a week for 2 weeks while the other half received a sham laser. Pain was measured with a VAS, physical function and symptoms were analyzed using the Quick DASH questionnaire, hand and grip strength were assessed as well as radiographic signs of bone healing. Results of this clinical trial were very positive. This study revealed that the pain of acute fractures was significantly reduced after laser therapy and only the laser group demonstrated significant improvement in the Quick DASH results and hand and finger grip strength measures after treatment. There was a significant increase in the percentage of detectable callus bone among the laser group participants after treatment (76%), and a similar increase was also detected at the follow-up (92%). According to the authors, this effect might have been caused by an increase in metabolism and improved blood circulation surrounding the fracture site, which resulted from LLLT. For more information on how PBMT can help wrist fractures as well as sprains, register for this month’s professional webinar on February 23 at 12:15 EST click here. Even if you can’t join live, as long as you register for this free webinar you will be sent a link to watch the edited webinar whenever you do have time. Reference:
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