BioFlex Back Treatment

Over two million patients successfully treated to date

The BioFlex Personal Therapy system is one of the most significant breakthroughs in the resolution of pain. The device is a derivative product of the internationally renowned BioFlex series of Laser Therapy devices, currently used by physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and many other healthcare practitioners in over 50 countries worldwide.

BioFlex Laser Therapy is highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, sports injuries, and wound healing. BioFlex Laser Therapy is non-invasive, non-toxic and delivers consistent, superior clinical outcomes without any adverse effects.

Accelerated Healing:

What conditions are you experiencing? BioFlex Personal Therapy Systems alleviate pain and other symptoms associated with the following conditions:

  • Sports & Soft Tissue injuries
  • Repetitive Stress injuries
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Back Problems
  • Wounds & Dermal Ulcers
BioFlex Knee Treatment

Drug Free Pain Relief

Reduces the need for pharmaceuticals and confers almost unlimited healing potential.

Easy Access

Be it from a time or travel perspective, a personal system can be used daily for long periods of time in the comfort of your own home or anywhere and anytime.


Delivers high level of therapy effectiveness with low cost of ownership compared to treatment at clinics with other forms of therapies.

Personalized Treatment

Almost immediate relief of pain and other symptoms for an extensive range of medical problems, based on your needs all at your fingertips.

Surgery Free Solution

With this ideal therapeutic device, no surgery is needed for your pain as it is also instrumental in providing preventative and maintenance therapy.

Holistic Approach

This therapy treats not just the symptom such as pain but the underlying problem itself to promote healing and improve your overall quality of life.

How does Laser Therapy work?

Both the Personal and Professional System utilize the emission of light produced by red and infrared superluminous and laser diodes to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, joint conditions, etc. Contact Us for a more complete list.

BioFlex Personal

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BioFlex Personal

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