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Hello Dr. Kahn,

I would like to tell you what happened when I used the BioFlex System.

I was moving a water heater with a two wheel cart. About 400 lbs, I was moving backwards with the top of the heater leaning on my shoulder to balance it. I have moved several of these before and moved a lot of appliances so this was nothing new and I am able to do so.

When I was moving backwards the wheels got caught on a ridge in the floor, the sudden stop made the water in the tanks slosh forward and then back against me thus causing me to fall backwards flat on my back and the water heater on top of my legs. My right foot got pinned flat on the floor with the handle of the cart, so my ankle was at a 90 degree position. Somehow I managed to get this unit off my foot and cleaned up the water that was coming out of the top of the heater onto my legs and floor.

This was 1:30 am before I got to bed, when I awoke the next morning I had bruising starting and swelling of my ankle/foot, so I applied the system (pads only) in the morning, then again at night, the next day in the morning again, I noticed the swelling stopped and the bruising not any worse. I continued this again that night, the next day I noticed the swelling was going down and the bruising dissipating. The next day I repeated this again and there was not much evidence of the swelling at all; by the way I had hardly any pain during that time frame. On the Sunday next day I was going to a home hardware show and would have to walk all day; I did not know If I should go or not but I did and I walked all day from 9 am to 3 in the afternoon. I had no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

I am glad we had this unit or I am sure a trip to the hospital would have been in order. I am sure someone was looking after me as I fell, as I did not hurt my back and I had no broken bones. So thank you for guiding us to your system.

Gary Agombar
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