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In late January I fell flat on my back on the ice while walking our dog. I knew that the fall did damage and after a few days, the full effects of the fall were felt. The pain was horrendous down both legs and severely affected my mobility. After a visit to my family doctor and a couple of physiotherapy sessions, I knew that I needed to look elsewhere to regain my mobility and lessen the pain. My sister had friends had gone to Meditech and had good results. After the first meeting with Dr. Kahn and his team, I was very confident that I had made the right decision. I remember saying to Dr. Kahn after that first meeting that I had faith in him and his team and felt confident that I would in fact regain my mobility and be pain free.

Although Dr. Kahn indicated at that the first meeting that I would feel much better and more mobile after a few treatments, my recovery took weeks longer. However, after each session, I always felt that there was improvement. This is probably my best recommendation to others. Everyone heals differently. It is easy to give up and not continue with treatments, but patience, and a positive attitude and trust in the expertise of the Meditech staff made a huge difference in the progress of my recovery.

I am really thankful to all that Dr. Kahn and his team did for me. I have improved immensely and am now pain free and able to walk which is one of the things that I love to do. From the time you enter Meditech to the time you leave; you encounter very friendly and professional staff. I can truly say that it was largely due to Meditech and that am walking and pain-free. Without reservation, I will truly recommend Meditech. It was a real lifesaver to me!! Thank you Dr. Kahn and please express my gratitude to your very and professional staff.

P. Stewart
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