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I was introduced to Laser Therapy by my son David who had previously been treated at your clinic for a number of complaints, all of which were resolved.

For many years, I had increasing pain in my knees and before starting treatment with Meditech, could barely walk.

I had been scheduled for a left knee replacement in the next 4 months. I had a right knee replacement several years ago and it has been painful and quite unsatisfactory. I was told nothing further could be done and I would have to learn to live with it.

After meeting with Dr. Kahn and having explained to me the potential benefits of laser therapy as opposed to surgery, I chose to receive a course of laser treatment. Of course, I was influenced by the bad result of the surgery on my right side.

Dr. Kahn explained that if laser therapy did not cure my left knee, surgery could always be done at a later time.

After just a few treatments on both knees, my pain decreased significantly and I was able to walk in the mall and around my home.

I continued with the treatment of both knees and after about 6 weeks got rid of my walker. Previously, I could not even move around the house without the walker.

I may return for occasional maintenance treatments but right now I am walking as much as I want, without pain and without pain killers.

My deepest gratitude to Dr. Kahn and his wonderful team.

Muriel Cirillo
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