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I had convinced myself that I simply had a little tendonitis in my right shoulder and refused to admit to any other problems, but on my first visit to Dr. Kahn, he saw through it and surprised me with an order for an x-ray of my neck. I did have tendonitis, coupled with arthritis and bursitis on my shoulder, but the real issue was the degenerative disc disease with spinal stenosis of my entire cervical spine. To make matters worse, an MRI of my lumbar spine showed significant degeneration as well. My spine was disintegrating. Yikes! No wonder I was in so much pain and having odd experiences like tingling in the hands along with the pain.

I spent countless hours scouring the internet for information and met with a rheumatologist only to find there were no good answers to these debilitating conditions. I was heading for a painful and crippling situation, but I started treatments with Dr. Kahn on my first visit (for shoulder only) and during the two weeks we waited for lab reports I noticed a huge improvement, so when Dr. Kahn said my spine was also treatable, I was on board. I stopped reading all the depressing news on the internet, cancelled the rheumatologist and focused on getting better under Dr. Kahn and his very caring staff of experts who provide great advice and support.

The results are fantastic! Six months ago I started with 3 treatments per week and I am now down to one visit per week. There is absolutely no pain in my shoulder and arm, which we stopped treating 3 months ago. My lower back is virtually pain free and my neck is down to being only a minor irritant. I know that without Dr. Kahn and his Meditech team, I would be in very poor shape by now. Instead, I am back to work full speed as a busy real estate agent, swim, cycle or go to the gym for an hour every day, and yes, I am even playing golf. I am not unrealistic and accept that my condition is serious, but I have full confidence that periodic therapy treatments at Meditech will keep me living well. I am just turning 55 and plan to fully enjoy many years ahead. I can only speak to my own experience, but I would call the Meditech Low Intensity Laser Therapy program the gold standard for muscular/skeletal conditions. This non-invasive pain free therapy truly works!

Please feel free to ask the clinic for my contact information if you would like to email or speak to me for more details of my experience with Meditech.

Karen Burns
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