Been a doctor & patient using Bioflex Laser for over 25 years

I was first introduced to the concept of laser therapy over 25 years ago by my chiropractor in her office and she used Bioflex Laser System. I was a young world level gymnast and I had sustained a back injury. Over the years and many other injuries, my chiropractor showed me how Bioflex Laser sped up my healing and calmed my pain symptoms. When I became a chiropractor there was doubt that I would continue on using this amazing tool on my patients. I’ve been a Bioflex practitioner for over 15 years. Bioflex is a pioneer in the infrared medical treatment world and they continue to further develop their specialized role in helping patients heal using laser therapy. My office uses Bioflex every day and our patients are constantly amazed at its many abilities to effectively conquer many different diagnoses. I love watching Bioflex evolve as their research goes forward and I as a practitioner and patient look forward to its future developments. An absolute staple in my practice.
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