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Ron Culp

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Dear Friend,

If you suffer from any type of back pain, including stenosis, impingement, or a herniated disc …

… then this message could be the hope you’ve been looking for. Because we’re going to tell you about a way you can potentially reduce your back pain without drugs or surgery.

Yes, you could be one of the lucky ones who gets relief from chronic back pain. And you won’t have to go to a doctor’s or physical therapist’s office to do it!

Yes, we can go on and on about how much this breakthrough treatment can help reduce back pain. But let us tell you the amazing story of one of our customers who used to struggle with spinal stenosis …

…one of the most painful back conditions in the world.

“My Doc Told Me I Had To Take Pain Medication And Learn To Live With It.”

This is what the spinal surgeon told Greg Hatch, who suffered from an auto accident in 1969.

He broke his back, ribs, and knee and ended up developing spinal stenosis. His doctor sent him to a spinal surgeon and they said nothing could be done.

“Just take pain medication and learn to live with it,” was what they told him.

(Does this sound familiar to you?)

Greg then tried everything under the sun to reduce his back pain. Massage therapy, acupuncture and magnetic therapy…you name it. In fact, after one laser treatment, he no longer needed pain medication for his spinal stenosis.

He was even able to walk at least a kilometer as compared to 300 feet. He now raves about the laser treatment and how much it’s changed his life.

Now, a full disclaimer.

Not everybody is going to experience the quick results that Greg experienced. People are different, and their specific conditions vary. But it’s shown by many studies that laser therapy can decrease pain over time. It’s just a matter of the length of time and to what degree relief can take place.

But if you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for years and you’re frustrated because nothing is working …

…then it’s worth investigating further to see if it’ll help you get your life back.

“What Once Brought Me To Tears Each Night Has Now Disappeared!”

Thanks to Low-Intensity Laser Therapy treatments, I have experienced no more pain from my torn thoracolumbar fascia and coccydynia. What once brought me to tears each night has now disappeared.

I recommend Low-Intensity Laser Therapy to anyone, to any and all who are interested in healing more than merely the signs and symptoms of disease or disorder. From the tip of my coccyx, thank you!

– L. Craig

How Does BioFlex Laser Therapy Work?

Within each human cell is something called mitochondria. Think of these as the “power plants” that are inside every cell in your body. It’s been clinically proven that low-level laser therapy stimulates this energy production in your cells.

That means decreased pain, decreased inflammation, increased cartilage regeneration, and decreased swelling. In other words, this technology has been clinically proven to “turn back the clock” on your body!

Want to get really technical? Here’s the video that describes the process in detail:

Remember, this has been clinically proven to decrease back pain and swelling. This isn’t another one of those “pie in the sky” remedies you’ve probably seen. And it could be THE thing that gets you off the “pill-and-remedy merry-go-round” and helps you get your life back!

“A Laser Therapy Unit Must Be Really Expensive, Right?”

Since this is a real machine that’s used in doctor and physical therapy offices …

…you’d think this unit would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The good news is the cost of the BIOFLEX® P120 is only $2,500. This sure beats the cost of medications that simply leave you “drugged up” over a lifetime.

And it also helps you sleep better (literally) because you can finally hop off the treatment merry-go-round …

…where you’re constantly jumping from one pill or remedy to another in frustration.

Or you’re simply “grinning and bearing it” when it comes to your back pain.

“95% Of Normal Function Was Achieved. I Am Grateful And Amazed!”

Thanks to Low-Intensity Laser Therapy treatments, I have experienced no more pain from my torn thoracolumbar fascia and coccydynia. What once brought me to tears each night has now disappeared.

I developed back pain in 1998. It was diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon as discogenic pain. It may have been precipitated by low-impact aerobics, the effects of my work as a labor room nurse, and perhaps cycling.

I sought the advice of a facility that specialized in remedying back pain. Treatment consisted of exercise therapy with seemed to aggravate the condition.

I then went to a chiropractor and the pain seemed to worsen. The next course of action was naprosyn 500mg b.i.d for nearly 3 months and physiotherapy for several months.

Although a skeptic of treatment beyond the traditional medical model (surgery and drugs) I needed to get better quickly. After several laser therapy treatments, 95% of normal function was achieved.

I am grateful and amazed!

– C. Mika

What’s the cost of being able to move freely without back pain and stiffness…

To be able to live your life without accidentally “tweaking” your back…

…thus leaving you in greater pain for 3-4 (even more) days?

A Lifetime Of Painkillers And Eventual Surgery Doesn’t Have To Be The Final Solution!

But you don’t have to decide anything today.

You can simply say “Maybe” by going to BIOFLEX® Webinar and attending our special webinar Personal Therapy System: Muscle Strains .

Or, you can speak to one of our representatives at 1.888.557.4004 to get more information about this amazing unit.

Isn’t it worth at least investigating whether or not the BIOFLEX® P120 could be THE thing you need to improve back pain relief?

You’ll never know until you go to BIOFLEX® Webinar and attend the webinar …

…or give our representative a call at 1.888.557.4004.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be met with a hard sales pitch. They’ll ask you what you’re experiencing right now regarding back pain …

…and determine if the BIOFLEX® P120 could be right for you.

They’ll also answer any questions you may have in a friendly manner. So go to BIOFLEX® Webinar or dial 1.888.557.4004 to give our representatives a call.

We look forward to speaking with you!


The Meditech Team

ps. How much longer are you going to endure that back pain that’s reducing your quality of life? It’s worth it to at least investigate the BIOFLEX® P120 and determine if it’s right for you.

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ppps. Nope, this isn’t one of those false promises or “pie in the sky” schemes. Low-intensity laser therapy has been backed up by science and is being used by world-class athletes and regular people like you.

Your path toward a pain-free life could be a phone call away. Give us a call at 1.888.557.4004 or view the free webinar at BIOFLEX® Webinar.

“It Has No Side Effects And Goes Straight To The Problem!”

I am a 21-year-old university student and was diagnosed with an acutely herniated lumbar disc which was seen as “incurable” by many doctors before visiting your clinic. I was told that if the pain got worse as I get older, a non-guaranteed surgery was the one and only option.

I used to be overwhelmed by various painkillers for three years. They never got to the source of the problem and only gave me temporary relief.

As my body got used to the drugs, they started to have no effect. However, within two weeks after the laser treatment, I was able to bend down a couple of inches. By two months, I was able to bend down and touch my shoes.

It’s been a year since my last treatment and no pain has returned.

I recommend BioFlex laser therapy without hesitation. It has no side effects and goes right to the source of the problem.

– A. Ahmed