BIOFLEX DualPort Professional

2 Treatment Ports Optimizes Patient Flow & ROI
Optimize your ROI by treating two patients at the same time. Alternatively, provide patients with effective and timely care by treating two areas simultaneously. Whatever you choose, our fully customizable protocols allow you to provide individualized care.


  • Laptop Computer
  • BIOFLEX Practitioner+ Software
  • One flexible array of your choice
  • One laser probe of your choice
  • Two sets of safety glasses
  • Durable carrying case


  • It can operate two arrays or laser probes simultaneously, allowing you to treat multiple patients or multiple areas
  • Manual stop button for increased safety
  • State of the art patient database allows monitoring and tracking patient progress on two screens simultaneously

The BIOFLEX DualPort System

Ideal for the starting practice or clinic

Your Choice of One Array and One Probe

DUO+ 180

Number of Diodes: 180
Treatment Area:
75 cm2/ 11.6 in2
Total Optical Power:
Red: 750mW / Infrared: 1500mW
LED Power:
Red: 10 mW/cm2 / Infrared: 20 mW/cm2
Red: 660nm / Infrared: 840nm

DUO+ 240

Number of Diodes: 240
Treatment Area:
100 cm2/ 15.5 in2
Total Optical Power:
Red: 1000mW / Infrared: 2000mW
LED Power:
Red: 10 mW/cm2 / Infrared: 20 mW/cm2
Red: 660nm / Infrared: 840nm

DuoFlex 180

Number of Diodes: 176
Treatment Area:
163 cm2/ 25.3 in2
Total Optical Power:
Red: 1630mW / Infrared: 3260mW
LED Power:
Red: 10 mW/cm2 / Infrared: 20 mW/cm2
Red: 660nm / Infrared: 840nm

Laser Probes

Infrared laser (825 nm): Provides deeper and more focused light treatments
Red laser (660 nm): Particularly effective in reducing the sensation of pain

Clinical Advantage

All MultiPort Systems provide comprehensive protocols for specific pathologies. Customization of protocols for complex individual conditions can easily be created, a feature of extreme importance.

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