BIOFLEX Therapist System Pro

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FDA Cleared Protocols
The BIOFLEX® Therapist system comes with preprogrammed, easy to use, Arthritic and Musculoskeletal protocols allowing you to treat a multitude of conditions with the option to customize if you so desire. Treating patients has never been as easy as it is with our BIOFLEX® DUO+ Arrays and our Red and Infrared laser probes.


  • Handheld device
  • One flexible array of your choice
  • One laser probe of your choice
  • Set of safety glasses
  • Durable carrying case
  • 2 year warranty
  • Complete library of protocols with the ability to customize any protocol


  • The securing strap keeps the array in place, freeing the therapist to treat other patients
  • A treatment area of approximately 100 cm2 of surface area reduces the number of placements required per treatment by 50%
  • A single port allows treating one patient at a time, alternating between the array or the laser probe

The BIOFLEX Therapist System

Our most portable professional system

BIOFLEX Therapist System

Efficient and Effective

This intuitive handheld device permits the clinician to easily run standard protocols. These can also be stored for future retrieval of information.


The BIOFLEX® Therapist System intuitively guides the practitioner through the treatment process and allows one to seamlessly move between the DUO+ Arrays and BioFlex® Laser Probes.

BIOFLEX Therapist Control Unit

Your Choice of One Array and One Probe

DUO+ 180

Number of Diodes: 180
Treatment Area: 75 cm2/ 11.6 in2
Total Optical Power:
Red: 750mW / Infrared: 1500mW
LED Power:
Red: 10 mW/cm2 / Infrared: 20 mW/cm2
Red: 660nm / Infrared: 840nm

DUO+ 240

Number of Diodes: 240
Treatment Area: 100 cm2/ 15.5 in2
Total Optical Power:
Red: 1000mW / Infrared: 2000mW
LED Power:
Red: 10 mW/cm2 / Infrared: 20 mW/cm2
Red: 660nm / Infrared: 840nm

Laser Probes

Infrared laser (825 nm): Provides deeper and more focused light treatments
Red laser (660 nm): Particularly effective in reducing the sensation of pain

Ease of Use

BIOFLEX® Laser Systems are simple to operate and therapists can become highly proficient in their use following attendance of the certification course along with some hands-on experience.

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