Start Your Pain-free Life With BIOFLEX®

Over two million patients around the world have used BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy to alleviate or eliminate pain, improve mobility, accelerate healing, and reduce the need for painkillers — with no risk of adverse side effects.

How? BIOFLEX provides a boost to your body’s natural healing systems. Regular treatment improves cellular metabolism, increases your tissues’ “building block” proteins, produces better neurotransmission, and increases mitochondrial activity to regenerate and repair cells.

If you are looking forward to returning to your rec hockey or baseball league or resuming hobbies like gardening, golfing, or knitting without the fear of discomfort and pain, BIOFLEX can help you get there.

Take Charge with the BIOFLEX P120 and 180 Personal Systems

Our Personal systems are designed to empower you to treat musculoskeletal and spinal problems, arthritis, and soft tissue and sports injuries. The interface allows you to choose a pre-programmed treatment for a specific area of the body, such as your lower back, knee, wrist, and more.

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Patient Outcomes Using BIOFLEX


“After I injured my knee this summer, everyone told me I wasn’t going to be able to play for the rest of the year, because it should have taken a couple of months to heal. But laser therapy got me back on the field in about ten days and kept me going all season.”

“Without laser treatment, it would have been impossible!”

“Amazingly, I won the MVP award for the Post Season Playoff, hitting all three games and winning runs for my team. Without laser treatment, it would have been impossible! Again, many thanks for your support.”

– M. Lopez, Samsung Lions Pro Baseball Team


“As a former PGA Tour Professional, I understand why physical health is important. I started to notice that even with regular exercise and stretching, different parts of my body were really painful, and my flexibility was getting worse. It was no surprise at my age, but I still didn’t like it.”

“I feel better now than I did in my 40s and 50s!”

“I soon found out I was suffering from arthritis in my back, shoulders, and knees. After trying laser therapy, my symptoms have completely cleared up. I feel better now than I did in my 40s and 50s! I even stopped using arthritis medications. My flexibility is back to normal, and my golf game is great!”


“Back in February, I had extreme pain in my right knee. It got to the point where I was up every night until 2 or 3 a.m. because of it. An orthopedic surgeon said it was arthritis and told me I was just going to have to live with it.”

“Now I’m golfing three times a week.”

“My family doctor put me on five different painkillers, but I was still in excruciating pain. Thanks to low-intensity laser therapy, now I’m golfing three times a week and riding my bike without any pain. It might sound like a bit much, but I call it a miracle.”



Price and value: BIOFLEX Personal Therapy Systems use professional design standards that are built to last. By owning your own system, you can eliminate waiting room delays, recover faster, and maintain preventative treatment to avoid flare-ups.

Payment options: Our split financing allows you to make six payments (OAC, conditions apply). Your system will be shipped after your first payment.

Real, proven results: The therapeutic results of low-intensity laser therapy have been proven by more than 4,000 scientific papers and 500 clinical studies.

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