Meditech International – A Perspective

Meditech International is a company that represents 30 years of technological advance in the reliable, consistent and highly effective application of Laser Therapy.


The Systems currently available include 4 for Professional use and 5 specifically designated for conditions that address the Personal Home Market.  All devices are designed for the treatment of specific medical conditions covering an extensive spectrum of standardized pathologies and those that may be more challenging.


The protocols have been devised over three decades to treat common pathologies using clinically tested settings and the customization process has been designed to treat more complex conditions.  The technology represents a precise, consistent and reproducible therapeutic approach for the treatment of medical conditions that may be systemic, traumatic or degenerative in origin.


Laser Therapy has no adverse effects and can be utilized on a highly scalable basis, at low cost from the economic perspective.  Additionally, for the majority of cases, it results in optimal clinical outcomes following a course of treatment.


The Units are available for personal use priced from CAD 2,500 and extending to the high end of the Professional spectrum that can cost up to CAD 50,000.  Both red and infrared laser probes along with the large surface LED arrays are compliant for use by all Professional Systems.  The latter are currently being marketed to individual clinics, hospitals, health care institutions and service companies, including HMOs, governments, the military, etc.


Many options are available to meet the demand in the utilization of the technology and these include franchising new clinics, an extended program of sales of Systems to existing clinics and using the company’s ability to develop destination clinics, both general and specific.  The latter would focus on stand-alone units, strictly devoted to the treatment of Cerebral Concussion and other neurological problems; others for wound healing, arthritis and so forth.  Regional general clinics could also be established for the treatment of the entire spectrum of medical problems.


The company represents a unique opportunity to enter the field of Medicine in an impactful manner, particularly in view of the therapeutic advantages.  Successful companies demand Innovation and at Meditech, our product development team has consistently been successful in introducing significant updates and improvements in the Technology.  Features include flexible arrays, unique designs and the application of new improved protocols for the treatment of additional pathologies such as COVID-19 infections, etc  At this time, all our Systems are ready for introduction to the marketplace and represent the latest in up-to-date patented technology, proficient in providing unparalleled clinical results.


Our new BioFlex Multi-Port Systems were cleared for sale in the US and other countries after receiving approval by the FDA in August 2018. In February 2020, additional regulatory approvals were received from the European Economic Union and in April 2020 from Health Canada. Accordingly, we will be expanding our sales footprint, particularly in North America, a process already initiated and will be focusing on key regions in the United States that we have identified as significant sales growth opportunities. In addition, we are preparing the landscape for the sequential launch of our five specific Personal Units in the US and internationally.


The potential to resolve an extensive number of medical pathologies in a precise and effective manner represents a major advance in medical therapy, that has not yet scratched the surface of its long-term potential.  The time has come to change this equation by increasing awareness of both health care professionals and individuals on a personal level, around the globe.


At Meditech, our vision is to continue to produce the most advanced Laser Therapy Systems from a global perspective.  Our product development team, based on the synergy of the collaboration between designers, electro-photonic engineers and clinicians, has achieved the ability to reach these objectives and carry through the process of quality manufacturing for international consumption.  All parts including electronic components are sourced from quality suppliers around the world, which potentiates our Systems ability to confer optimal clinical results consistently.


A number of prototypes, that have been manufactured and clinically tested over several years at a number of highly specialized clinics, include a device for treating the Central Nervous System, i.e. the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes, and has been integrated with flexible, large surface arrays connecting the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine and sciatic nerves, which now makes it possible to treat all these structures simultaneously.  At the same time, all areas may be treated individually – a significant and major advance in the application of therapy.


Over the past 5 years, we have developed marketing strategies with distributors active in Turkey, Africa, etc. and more recently, agreements have been signed with others in Switzerland, Pakistan, China, etc.  Further alliances are currently in negotiation and should be completed in the near future.  These all represent significant sales opportunities, which should reflect in our revenue stream.  In early 2020, our international marketing strategy will target the treatment of Arthritis in North America with a specific program to create greater awareness of the technology, along with its ability to resolve medical problems.


Recently released numbers by the NIH indicate that over 15 million patients present annually to their physicians in the US complaining of various forms of crippling immobility, pain and other symptoms, characteristic of Arthritis and its many complications.  This market is almost unlimited and we are in a strong position to meet the needs of this particular cohort of patients.


Similar programs for each of the other 5 Personal Systems designated for Home use are now ready to be instituted and will be introduced throughout the world, as we go forward.  The culmination of these efforts should result in double digit sales increases over the next two years.  Clearly, the technology is poised to have a major impact in the improvement of clinical outcomes, along with a significant reduction in the cost of application.


The company is also planning a line of product Outlet Stores, the first of which will be built at our Corporate Headquarters in Toronto in early 2020.  Self-treatment, assessment and supervised treatment will all be available in these stores, which will showcase all our product lines.


It should be obvious to those seeking better solutions in rehabilitation medicine that BioFlex Laser Therapy represents the most rational and elegant stride forward in the past half century!