The BIOFLEX® DUO+ Array is a large surface array integrating superluminous diodes, unique in design. It features both Red and Infrared light sources in a single diode and permits sequential application. This reduces the number of placements required throughout a treatment by over 50%, an ideal solution for both high volume clinics and therapists on the go. The DUO+ is offered in two sizes to accommodate the dimensions of various anatomical areas.


Our SLD arrays utilize wavelengths extending from 660 nm to 840 nm. Scientific research suggests that these wavelengths are optimal for stimulation of cytochrome C-oxidase and ATP production which are essential to the cascade of positive cellular effects (basic research references available on request).


The BIOFLEX® DUO+ Arrays are flexible and contour to the anatomical configurations of the patient’s treatment area. This ensures optimal energy delivery. Direct contact with the epidermis is paramount in the process of effective Laser Therapy.

Bi-Color Diodes

The BIOFLEX® DUO+ Arrays feature custom made, bi-coloured SLDs that initiate treatment utilizing Red light, automatically followed by therapy using Infrared light. No adjustments are required. This new feature also eliminates the need for calibration prolonging the life of the diodes.

Treatment Area Coverage

The BIOFLEX® DUO+ Arrays can treat both 75 cm² and 100 cm² of surface area respectively. This reduces the number of placements during the course of treatment by 50%.

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