BIOFLEX® Low Intensity Laser Therapy

BIOFLEX Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) provides health care practitioners with a highly effective option for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic or acute pain.

The Technology

Utilizing superluminous and laser diodes to irradiate abnormal tissue with photons; these particles of energy are absorbed by a variety of micro-molecules resulting in the conversion of light into biochemical energy. This initiates many positive physiological responses leading to the restoration of normal cell morphology and function; moreover, this process is curative with regard to clinical pathologies, rather than modulating symptoms – the conventional approach in the management of pain.

BIOFLEX Low Intensity Laser Therapy Systems are currently the most advanced devices available on a global basis. The systems have been integrated into clinical practice by physicians, chiropractors, physio­therapists and many other health care professionals.

Global Reach

The technology is currently utilized by healthcare practitioners in many countries and the company operates two rehabilitation clinics in Toronto where over 1200 therapeutic sessions are administered on a weekly basis. The technology is non-invasive, non-toxic and highly effective in the treatment of an extensive number of medical conditions, particularly where current methodologies are ineffective.

The BIOFLEX® Mission

We are a company dedicated to using the healing power of light to alleviate the pain and negative impacts of many common diseases. We are committed to being a non-invasive, non-toxic and safe alternative to other therapies. We are clinician’s first, partnering with world class engineers, to create products that are incubated in our clinics, bringing you the best in class low level laser therapy solutions.


We are clinicians, first and foremost. Professionals utilizing BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy at the Meditech Rehabilitation Centres include doctors (of medicine and Chiropractic care) and professionals in the fields of osteopathy, massage therapy and physiotherapy.

Integrated Science

Our engineers work in close contact with our clinicians and scientists to ensure that dosage is exact and accurate for every system we manufacture. Regular communication between our engineers, clinicians and scientists ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of our industry.

Manufacturing Process

Our world-class engineers and scientists are dedicated to producing only the very best. All BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy Systems are designed (from conception to market) at our headquarters in Etobicoke, ON. We pay a premium on the parts that compile your BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy System to ensure that each and every BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy System meets our high standards of quality and safety.

Effective Pain Relief Without Side Effects

BIOFLEX® Treatment Arrays

The treatment arrays are large surface arrays integrating superluminous diodes (SLDs), unique in design. They feature both red and infrared light sources in a single diode and permit sequential application. This reduces the number of placements required throughout a treatment by 50% – an ideal solution for both high volume clinics and mobile therapists. The treatment arrays are offered in three sizes and two types of materials to accommodate the dimensions of various anatomical areas.



The BIOFLEX® treatment arrays are flexible and contour to the anatomical configurations of the treatment area. This ensures optimal energy transfer. Good contact with the epidermis is paramount to the process of effective Laser Therapy.


Our treatment arrays utilize wavelengths – 660 nm and 840 nm. Scientific research suggests that these wavelengths are optimal for stimulation of cytochrome C-oxidase and ATP production, essential to the cascade of positive cellular effects (basic research references available on request).

Bi-Color Diodes

The BIOFLEX® treatment arrays feature custom made, bi-colored SLDs that initiate treatment utilizing red light, automatically followed by infrared light. Each array delivers both red and infrared protocols sequentially without any need for adjustment. Application of the Laser Probe(s) completes the Therapy.

Treatment Area Coverage

The BIOFLEX® treatment arrays can treat approx 12 in² ,16 in² and 25 in² of surface area respectively. This greatly reduces the number of placements required during the course of treatment; a significant factor in clinical efficiency.

BIOFLEX® Laser Probes

The red laser probe (660 nm) is a highly recommended component that can be used with all BIOFLEX® systems in conjunction with the other arrays and probes. This instrument effectively targets superficial nociceptors, reducing the sensation of pain and increasing arterial perfusion. The red laser probe has many additional therapeutic benefits and is particularly effective in patients suffering from superficial pathologies and those who have plateaued in the course of their regular treatment.

BIOFLEX Laser Probes


BIOFLEX® laser probes incorporate an added safety feature as they can only be activated through direct contact with the skin. This prevents inadvertent emission of photon particles, avoiding the possibility of ocular damage.

Ergonomic Design

Our patented design enables the practitioner to apply Laser Probes for prolonged periods of time without experiencing stress, muscular strain and fatigue, permitting extended hours of operation.

Stay Healthy, Active and Pain Free.