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We love our clients and appreciate all of the good things they have to say about us. Thank you from the team at BIOFLEX.

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Since initiating treatment with the BIOFLEX system, I continue to experience outstanding results.

“Since initiating treatment with the BIOFLEX system, I continue to experience outstanding results in being able to get our athletes back to practice and the game. I have no hesitations to give this unit my full endorsement.”

Chuck Mooney
Head Trainer, Toronto Raptors

I have had back pain for a year

I’m a PT in Omaha, Nebraska and I have had back pain for a year. I’ve had 6 sessions so far and I’ve had dramatic improvement. I’ve been telling so many people about my results. I intent to keep going but I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and say thank you for this amazing science! The back pain has been going on for a year and in the last two weeks I’ve had 6 sessions. The pain in over 80% better! If I can have a second MRI at some point I will share the before and after reports with you.”

Karen Linnell
Physio Therapist – Omaha, Nebraska

I never doubted the technology.

“I never doubted the technology. I knew it would work. I didn’t think it would work this well. If you have prospective doctors that are unsure, have them call me. This is the best decision I ever made in my practice. Thanks for everything.”

Jim Cousineau
DC, King St. Family Chiropractic

Low Intensity Laser Therapy has helped

“Low Intensity Laser Therapy has helped a significant number of my patients without adverse effects; moreover, the cost is insignificant in comparison to the economics of pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures. For the first time in my career, I can tell patients that there are no contraindications to this prescription. At our clinic we have treated numerous patients with spinal stenosis, nerve impingement, post-herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, etc; surprisingly, I have not yet met a patient who has not benefited from this therapy. From my perspective, the boundaries of this therapeutic approach are unlimited. “

Jason Reed
MD, Internal Medicine, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meditech’s BIOFLEX System is time-tested

“Meditech’s BIOFLEX System is time-tested and ready for an expanding global market of people who want to eliminate pain, restore mobility and recapture quality of life.”

B.W., FCA, LLD, Senior Partner, Price Waterhouse

I have never been so impressed

“In all my years dealing with different suppliers and other companies, I have never been so impressed as I am with the Meditech team. You guys really seem to have your act together and offer incredible support through easy contact and your open door policy. If every company were like you, there would be no need for the Better Business Bureau.”

Scot Mundle
DC, Napanee Chiropractic Care Centre

Ability to make a significant difference

“I acknowledge and appreciate the excellent support that I have received from all members of the various departments at Meditech. Training and the ongoing clinical and technical support have added value considerably above the purchase price of my investment in four BIOFLEX Systems. Moreover, the entire process has instilled a level of personal confidence in my utilization of the equipment and my ability to make a significant difference in the community with regard to quality healthcare.”

Jeff Lustig
BSc, DC CCRD, TLC Family Chiropractic and Laser Clinic, Peterborough, ON

I have used the BIOFLEX laser on several Post Covid patients

“I have used the BIOFLEX laser on several Post Covid patients who are experiencing breathlessness with or without exertion. It appears to accelerate the healing process and I find it extremely effective especially when combining with breathing exercises and a graduated walking program. Our most significant success story is one of a patient who survived ICU and ventilation. After intensive treatment on the Bioflex and exercises, he is now off the Oxygen and has even played his first game of golf!”

Erica Storh
Physiotherapist, South Africa

Been a doctor & patient using Bioflex Laser for over 25 years

I was first introduced to the concept of laser therapy over 25 years ago by my chiropractor in her office and she used Bioflex Laser System. I was a young world level gymnast and I had sustained a back injury. Over the years and many other injuries, my chiropractor showed me how Bioflex Laser sped up my healing and calmed my pain symptoms. When I became a chiropractor there was doubt that I would continue on using this amazing tool on my patients. I’ve been a Bioflex practitioner for over 15 years. Bioflex is a pioneer in the infrared medical treatment world and they continue to further develop their specialized role in helping patients heal using laser therapy. My office uses Bioflex every day and our patients are constantly amazed at its many abilities to effectively conquer many different diagnoses. I love watching Bioflex evolve as their research goes forward and I as a practitioner and patient look forward to its future developments. An absolute staple in my practice.

Lynne Kushnirenko

All things are possible with Bioflex

7 years ago I was involved in a car accident that left me clinically disabled. C3 to C7 where compressed bulging and herniated. T 1- 7 same including spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, degenerate disk disease and L 4 fracture. Through 5 years of being examined by some of the top specialists in their field left me with the same answer, Surgery!

I opted out then of coarse they begin to prescribe a series of pain meds which almost took my life.

Thankfully I was fortunate to meet Jeffery from parkwood physo whom began to treat me for 3 months with thr bioflex. My recovery was beyond Jeffery’s expectation and mine I decide to purchase one of my own. To the entire staff at biolfex, My deepest gratitude for your commitment and skill allowing a broken man as I once was to get back up and enjoy life again. Dr khan there are no words I can express for your dedication and long hours you have invested over 3 decades which has allowed many of us to live again pain free. May God continue to bless you with a long and healthy life. Peace and good will to all.

Marcello Cavalieri

90% decrease in pain since BIOFLEX

Just wanted to let you know that my red light laser has been integral to my recovery!! After the first treatment there was noticeable pain reduction in my ear and my neck!!

After two months of consistent treatment I am about 90% pain free and my noise sensitivity has greatly decreased (to the point that at times my hearing is completely normal). I continue to use the red light daily, and have had other family members use it with the same incredible success! I am so glad I invested in one and believe every family should have this device! Truly life changing!!

Also, I have been so impressed with the customer service support from everyone at Bioflex! Being able to email you personally for support and recommendations is unbelievable and was crucial in the beginning of my usage of the device.

I can’t stop raving about this to everyone I know! Absolutely essential to my life and the life of my family! Thanks so much!!!

Christine Harrington

Resolving PHN pain and sensitivity from severe case of Shingles

Shingles attacked my inside right knee with pain radiating to the thigh and accompanied with extreme sensitivity to touch. It was so sensitive I couldn’t sleep with a sheet over my right thigh and knee.
I used my P180 to treat right side: lower back, hip, thigh and knee two months after the beginning of shingles pain. I was able to resolve 85-90% of pain and sensitivity within 39 days treating 3x’s a week. Thankfully I could tolerate wearing slacks again and could begin to kneel on that right knee.
At 76 I am grateful that my personal unit has returned me to yoga, water aerobics and walking!
Thank you Bioflex🙏

Lynn Clark, PhD

Years of Pain with Endometriosis Until Now

Suffering with Endometriosis for 18 years along with on and off lower back pain, the pain became excruciating about a year and a half ago after a gynaecologist found two fybroid tumours requiring removal from my uterus. The pain affected my lower back and Sacroiliac Joint with endless radiating pain, which was preventing me getting any sleep without medication. The only relief I experienced was strangely enough, during the last week of the menstrual cycle, perhaps because some pressure was released from the endometrial lining pulling away. After some 10 or so sessions of the Bioflex laser therapy, and a daily stretching routine, I can definately say that there has been a tremendous improvement – the pain has literally dissolved. Still the occassional stiffness, but I am finally able to sleep without the aid of sleeping tablets for the first time in 18 months. I was treated by Physiotherapist, Erica Stohr in South Africa.
Thank you for giving me my quality of life back! 🙂

Celeste Eastwood