BioFlex® Laser TherapyBioFlex Laser Therapy

The BioFlex Advantage

BioFlex Laser Therapy System’s patented technology offers clinicians the highest clinical success rates with predictable, reliable and reproducible results. We go beyond great products by providing access to laser technologists and educational support to ensure you achieve the best patient outcomes possible.

Effective Treatment

  • 660 nm, 830 nm & 840 nm wavelengths allow optimal absorption by Cytochrome C Oxidase, increased ATP production and superior clinical results.
  • Clinically developed treatment times take advantage of both local and systemic effects of Laser Therapy.

Clinicians First Design

  • Patented, large flexible arrays (100 cm2 of surface area) for treatment of large areas of injured tissue
  • As a Class 3B laser, BioFlex systems provide accurate dosage with patented integrated safety features
  • Includes over 30 standard protocols along with individual customization capability that is unlimited
  • Anatomical tutor to educate patients and ensure patient compliance
  • Electronic patient records to track and recall treatment history


  • Technical support 7 days per week for minimal downtime
  • Clinical support 7 days per week from expert Laser Therapists and Clinicians

The Professional System

The BioFlex® Professional System provides the most effective medical solution for an extensive number of clinical pathologies. These include musculoskeletal problems, sports and soft tissue injuries, spinal conditions, arthritis and wound healing.

The Mobile Professional

The BioFlex® Mobile Professional system offers all the advantages of the BioFlex® Professional System in a compact and portable model. This system features a laptop installed with the BioFlex® Practitioner Software.

BioFlex Therapist Professional System

The BioFlex® Therapist Professional system is a compact and versatile system, ideal for the mobile healthcare practitioner. This system features a lightweight, fully customizable Controller Unit.

BioFlex Therapist Professional System

Product Features

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BioFlex System Components + Add-ons

Practitioners may wish to customize their BioFlex Laser System by purchasing additional laser probes, arrays, and accessories allowing for them to expand the variety of treatments they can perform.

Marketing Support for You and BioFlex Laser Therapy

BioFlex is pleased to offer many different marketing resources that can be used to advertise your practice and Laser Therapy treatments to existing and new patients in your community. When you become a BioFlex clinician, you will receive a starter package of everything you will need to get your marketing in motion.